Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hue and cry, once the law, now against the law.

It used to be that if you saw a crime, you were required to help to apprehend the criminal, wikilink.

In common law, a hue and cry, "a horn and shouting", is a process by which bystanders are summoned to assist in the apprehension of a criminal who has been witnessed in the act of committing a crime.

By the statute of Winchester, (1285) it was provided that anyone, either a constable or a private citizen, who witnessed a crime shall make hue and cry, and that the hue and cry must be kept up against the fleeing criminal from town to town and from county to county, until the felon is apprehended and delivered to the sheriff. All able-bodied men, upon hearing the shouts, were obliged to assist in the pursuit of the criminal ... It was moreover provided that a hundred that failed to give pursuit on the hue and cry would become liable in case of any theft or robbery.

Those who raised a hue and cry falsely were themselves guilty of a crime.
And now its against the law if you do, link.
The "bad guy" "... had taken it upon himself to chase
(the real bad guys), inciting the incident that led to the shooting.

Update; the judge dismissed the charges.

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