Friday, November 20, 2009

The leadership of the APS will be needing another $617,000,000.00

To be fair; students, teachers and communities need another

The simple truth is that the money is for a good cause.

I guess.

It is more than a little difficult to find out exactly what they
will be spending the money on.

Currently, if you wanted to, you cannot find out how much
of the last bond issue and mill levy money they spent on
their new boardroom; a still unjustified extravagance.

The leadership of the APS says they spend around 1% of their budget on administrative salaries.

They say it is less than in "comparable" districts.

1% sounds like a low number; the sound is specious.

Either a dollar is well spent, or it is not. A wasted dollar is
a wasted dollar. What percent it represents of some other
amount of money doesn't make any difference.

There are people whose job it is, to go into bureaucracies
to ferret out waste, abuse, and the practices that enable

If those people looked into the administration of our trust and our treasure in the APS, what would they find?

Would they find unequivocal standards of conduct and competence?

Would they find inescapable accountability to those standards?

If they did, they could report to voters that their investment in their schools is well protected by real standards and real accountability.

That report would be a powerful tool to use in convincing taxpayers to trust them with more than a half of a billion more dollars.

You have to wonder why that survey will not be done.

Except that the investigators would not find adequate standards
and sufficient accountability.

Except that the leadership of the APS wants to hide those truths from voters.

Just recently, auditors from Meyners + Co, audited APS' Financial Division.

They found;

  1. inadequate standards, and
  2. insufficient accountability, and
  3. inadequate bookkeeping.
They found that there never had been; adequate standards,
sufficient accountability, and adequate bookkeeping.

The leadership of the APS would have you believe that,
they are all in place now.

But you will have to take their word for it.

They will "never agree" to any audit that "individually identifies"
a corrupt or incompetent administrator or board member.

Trust us, they say. Your $617M will be kept safe from waste and abuse.

When the object is to protect 617,000,000 dollars from waste
and abuse, trusting human nature, runs a far distant second to
honest accountability to meaningful standards of conduct and competence.

If the leadership of the APS will not commission an independent review of their bureaucracy, if they will not demonstrate to us that our tax dollars will be safe,

we need to seriously consider voting down the bond issue.

If there is any other way,
what is it?

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Anonymous said...

If they can't get the graduation % ratio right, how can we trust the 1% reported figure.
I was going through the APS Montgomery complex the other day and I estimated that at least 25 people are employed there, some of them are "administrators" with administrative licenses.
Whatever happened to the promise to close down the Aztec and Montgomery complexes so they could be sold, under the APS-Towers aquisition?
How is it that 25 people, or so, have jobs in their own offices in the Montgomery Complex, and yet I have never seen ANY human being ever in their offices, and they are usually drinking coffee and checking emails.
I am definetly not saying these people are lazy, nor am I saying they aren't doing their jobs...the point is they have no one to serve, and seemingly nothing assigned to them of any real substance.
For example, the 2 libraries in the Montgomery complex have at least 1 full time librarian each. There is a 3rd, smaller text library, with a full-time person in there who usually reads a book. If you check their visitor logs, there are very few visitors. And why have 3 libraries in the complex, with at least 2 librarians and 1 fulltime employee? Does that make sense???
There are also 2 "Offices of {Professional Development" in the Montgomery Complex. The ladies in the office seemed bored as hell every time I passed by.
Can you explain this Winston? Have you ever been there? Are these salaries in your 1%?
No answer?.....didn't think so.