Friday, November 20, 2009

Larry Barker uses the "L" word.

KRQE's Larry Barker broke the story about another courthouse
scandal; this one in Santa Fe.

He reports that Santa Fe County Manager Román Abeyta
to him. He offers proof, link.

What consequences will befall a public servant who betrays
the public trust; who lies about the public interests and about
his public service?

If he makes it through the news cycle, likely nothing.
He is likely somebody's cousin or crony.

The system does not provide for holding the powerful and the
privileged actually accountable for their corruption.

They can lie to you and get away with it.

If this time next year, I report that Abeyta is still the Santa Fe
County Manager, just like nothing ever happened,

will you be in the least bit, surprised?


Anonymous said...

What the blankety blank is going on at Jimmy Carter Middle School?

Anonymous said...

There is a "gag order" on the 7 adults who witnessed the attack, and are, of course, appalled by Torres' actions.
Who set the gag order? None of the adults are allowed to say anything, not even to each other.
The attack was actually back in April of last school year. It's been kept very hush-hush since.