Saturday, November 07, 2009

Who in the hell is Lee Roy Lucero?

I know him only in that, he posted an hominem attack on my blog.

I had asked UNM President David Schmidly two questions;

  1. Will you begin an outside investigation?, and
  2. Why were police not involved in investigating criminal misconduct?

Journal reporter Rick Wright reported on it. For reasons known only to him, he chose to describe me as a "bellicose blogger". I don't know Wright from Adam's off ox, so I haven't a clue what drove his need to attack me personally. Maybe he was just going for a simple rhyme as a prop for his prose.

In any event, Lee Roy Lucero has weighed in;
"Bellicose? I think Rick is giving you way to much credit.
I would say you are nothing more than a vulture trying
to pick away at the bones...

Check the clock sir your 15 minutes is up."
Lucero did not point to any reason why I should not have asked the questions, or that the questions should not be asked.

Instead, he attacked me personally.

I regard this as vindication; proof that whatever I have written,
is at least correct enough that my critic cannot point to any
substantive error.

When Lee Roy Lucero pushed "publish, he likely did so
assuming that he will have hurt my feelings. He is wrong.

Thank you sir, for your ad hominem attack and for
the vindication it implies.

I would offer up a Bralley of Lee Roy Lucero
but I'm pretty sure he doesn't have one.

What has Lee Roy Lucero ever done, to which,
anyone might want to pay any attention at all?

Oh yeah, maybe there's a mugshot.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you are starting to get the picture. The one that you need to get a life. People see right through you. Especially educated ones. People see you as a disgruntled shop teacher whom nobody liked to begin with because you mettled in things that were none of your business. Face it Ched, you have not changed a single thing in NM with all you talk about corruption and being a "stakeholder (which you are not)," People are tired of you. Go take all your retirement money and go to a far away island to live out your pathetic existance.

Anonymous said...

I found Lee Roy Lucero's claim to fame. It's here:
In summary, for about a decade, him and his buddies put on each others makeup (red faces) and then go to their reserved good ole boys section in the stadium.
He has been doing this non-stop for almost 10 years.
So if he means for you to "get a life" or "make something of yourself", well I guess you can get barrells of makeup and selfishly spend your life away from your family, getting drunk at the games, ignoring your kids, and wearing makeup to get attention.
I don't know Ched... that option doesn't seem like much of a life to me.
PS-(to dumbass) everyone who pays taxes here is a stakeholder...moron!

Anonymous said...

Ched has made change, but you are too blind to see it. His change is amazing because he is 1 gadfly that has moved a huge donkey like APS into more streamlined policies, ethical procedures, and increased student safety.
I know many, many people that are not tired of Ched..quite the contrary. There are hundreds of us that applaud him in secret because he does what we can't, or we'd be blacklisted.
Your interpretation is wrong. Your expression is weak (at best), and your conclusion is a faulty opinion stated as if it was fact.
God, I'd hate to have my kids exposed to your twisted thinking and rauchy rationals!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised the old bag has any followers but I guess misery breeds company. I know several people at APS and other places who just open his blog to get a good laugh. That is what I do.

ched macquigg said...

Thank you for your ad hominem attacks and the vindication it provides.

Anonymous said...

But if UNM really wants to fill this hole with something stable, it needs to pay for an independent examination of both the incident involving the coaches and the subsequent investigation(s). The university needs to commit in advance to give the investigator carte blanche, full access to all witnesses and to everything already compiled from both investigations. And it needs to commit in advance to make the findings public.
Or, it can hunker down in a really deep foxhole and hope for the best.

Look at today's editorial Ched. I think someone is finally listening to you. Too bad the Journal will not do the same with APS. Wonder why they protect the GOB at the towers?

Anonymous said...

In response to earlier response,
Even Ched's "enemies" reading the blog are still "Readers" by definition, and therefore, indirectly, are your "fans" of the blog, and therefore supporting his work.
As a solid Ched fan (and usually not feeling miserable), I appreciate you reading and supporting Ched, whether you agree or not because every reader helps.
Let's face it...even if you don't like the blog here, or you read if for a "laugh" (which would seem to indicate a miserable personality if that's your sense of humor), either way, YOU'RE ADDICTED TO READING THE BLOG.
So, on behalf of us happy readers...thanks for your support.