Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stakeholders shut out again.

There is a vigorous debate going on; whether to continue to
have Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in public schools.

Those who cannot attend board meetings,
because they are scheduled to begin
when most people are still at work,
have been assured that they can watch
the meetings later, on the district's website.

Tens of thousands, maybe a hundred
thousand dollars have been spent on
equipment and salaries as part of the
effort to keep stakeholders informed.

The actual dollar amount is still secret.

The meetings take place Wednesday afternoon, and the district has promised the meeting will be up for viewing by the following Friday. No explanation has ever been offered as to why it takes even that long.

Well here it is, Tuesday morning, and the archived meeting is still not up. This wouldn't be the first time that controversial public forums have not been broadcast. I personally, have been victim to a number of occasions where my presentations were deleted altogether or in substantial part.

photos Mark Bralley

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