Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Krebs headed for confidence vote.

According the Journal this morning, link, UNM Athletics Director Paul Krebs is headed for a confidence vote by UNM students. The vote will be entirely symbolic as students have no actual seat at any table where decisions are made.

According to the Journal;

Graduate student leaders at the University of New Mexico are laying the groundwork for a no-confidence vote in Athletics Vice President Paul Krebs over his handling of the Mike Locksley altercation.
No mention of;
UNM Regents President Raymond Sanchez' handling of,
UNM President David Schmidly's
handling of,
Paul Krebs
handling of,
Locksley Gate.

Apparently Krebs is to be the scapegoat for mishandling of the situation from top to bottom.

Journal reporter Martin Salazar wrote;
"The recent coverup of the Locksley-Gerald incident coupled with the egregious lack of sportsmanship displayed by Lambert exemplifies a lack of leadership within the UNM Athletics Department. ..." association President Lissa Knudsen said in the release. "It's time for the students to weigh in on this."
Students should be allowed the opportunity to weigh in at every level, not just at the level of the UNM A D.

Students should reconsider the scope of their proposed voting, and weigh in on the refusal by the leadership of the UNM to begin an cleansing audit of the whole chain of command.

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