Tuesday, November 10, 2009

UNM Regents cover their asses.

KRQE reported tonight that UNM Regents have decided to
ignore the obvious need for an independent review of the handling of the investigation of the Locksley affair.

According to the KRQE report, UNM Regents President Ray Sanchez, says "no new information" points to the need for an independent review. In effect, if anyone can actually prove further incompetence or corruption, they will then investigate the possibility of further corruption and incompetence. huh?

What about the old information that points to the need;

  • epic incompetence and
  • an overwhelming public lack of confidence in the process?
Their news conference was ended by them, not by the fact that there were no more questions to ask. Questions like; why was the investigation left in the hands of a student, for almost two weeks?

UNM staff are apparently concerned that they are more likely to fall victim to a Locksley like assault by virtue of the fact that the investigative process inspires no confidence what so ever that another assault will not be met with the same incompetent response.

One mustn't be too surprised that the top level of good ol' boys would cover the asses of the next lower levels of good ol' boys.

This from a prior post on the culture of corruption, and from a more distant source, link;
The culture of corruption exists and is nurtured by the political and economic elites of society. Their political and/or economic status is their passport and visa to power. Personal gains earned through the abuse of their political and economic status is their commonality. This is the reason why, even if they hate each other, they have to protect each other. (emphasis added)
According to the Regents' website, link, they are responsible for;
... oversight of the functioning of the University.
By reasonable and logical extension, if the President of the UNM is a screw up, they are responsible, if he is corrupt, they are responsible. Therefore, they have a self interest in making sure there are no more revelations of either incompetence or of cover up and corruption. They're not just covering Schmidly, Krebs, Gonzales, and Locksley's asses,
they are covering their own.

How bad would the Regents look if an independent review
actually revealed what a lot of people believe that it would;
epic incompetence, cronyism, and a cover up?

An independent review revealing even more incompetence than UNM President Schmidly, UNM AD Paul Krebs, and UNM Human Resources Vice President Helen Gonzales have been willing to admit, especially any revelation of a cover up or corruption, would reflect badly on the Regents and their failure to oversee the best interests of the UNM and UNM stakeholders.

If David Schmidly is telling the truth, he should be screaming for the review that will vindicate him. I would. Who wouldn't?

What possible reason can there be to not do the review?
Why must that reason be kept secret? Why won't they tell us
the reason? Why won't they defend it?

Except to cover up more incompetence or corruption?

Q. What is really in play here?
A. The privileged class does not bend to the will of the great unwashed. They don't tolerate demands for independent review of their conduct and competence.

They are accountable to each other, and to each other only.

And don't you forget it.

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