Friday, November 27, 2009

What if this guy really is an Albuquerque cop? What if he really is telling the truth?

The following comment was left on a post on the
Eye on Albuquerque called, The Blue Barrier of Fear, link.

What system is in place within the Albuquerque Police Department, that makes it impossible to believe that
this comment isn't absolutely accurate and true?

What assurances do we have, that it isn't true, except from
the very people accuses of being so characterless and corrupt?

I love being a cop but I find it harder and harder to work for a police department where the so called leadership has no Honesty or Integrity. When the chain of command constantly lies and the department is run by Intimidation and Retaliation I think it’s time to look for another job. I have witnessed first hand the lies and the deception that goes on. A police officer that is not honest or has no integrity is no better then the people we arrest. Please don’t get me wrong, I think there are a lot of good honest cops out there but the double standards and the favoritism that goes on within this department is crazy. How do they sleep at night? I will be making a very difficult decision on whether I should look for another job or not because my integrity defines me as a man, father, a husband, neighbor and of course a cop.
Doesn't this guy, and all of the other good cops deserve better?

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Anonymous said...

Ironic that if you take this statement, apply to APS and substitute "cop" with "teacher", then it's exactly how many of feel in APS as well.
Lack of integrity, honesty, favoritism, some students and adults get away with everything while other students and adults get crucufied and suspended.
And how do we even begin to "fix" these situations for cops and teachers, and fire department, etc..?