Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fred Harris talks of "honor" then shows very little.

Fred Harris is billed as a UNM Professor Emeritus of Political Science and former United States Senator. He wrote a guest column for the Journal this morning, link.

His opinion is entitled
"Way Too Early for All This GOP Mud-Slinging"
The title may not be his own; but the mud he slings under it, is.

His opinion is that the Republican candidates for governor,
all four of them, are engaging in mud-slinging.
Representative Janice Arnold-Jones
is one of the four
candidates. As such, Harris has accused her of
the following.

(His words,"republican candidates" in the following statements
are replaced with Rep Janice Arnold-Jones name; pronouns
are adjusted accordingly.)

  • Unfortunately, from (Rep Janice Arnold-Jones), we've seen very little (honor).
  • However, instead of introductions founded on ideas and solutions for our state, (Rep Janice Arnold-Jones is) introducing (herself) by publicly tearing someone else down.
  • But already, (Rep Janice Arnold-Jones) (is) attacking Denish with the malice and recklessness that we usually don't see until the weeks right before an election.
  • Instead, on the day that Denish proposed these reforms, (Rep Janice Arnold-Jones) just found another reason to irresponsibly attack her character.
  • (Rep Janice Arnold-Jones) (doesn't) only attack Denish when she makes a statement herself, but (she) attack(s) her for virtually anything that may appear in the news on a given day.
  • If a state bureaucrat gets into trouble, (Rep Janice Arnold-Jones) point(s) (her) guns at Denish. When Gov. Bill Richardson makes an announcement, (she) unleash(es) a flurry of press releases attacking Diane.
Not one of these statements is true.
There is not a speck of truth in any of them.

The simple truth is,
Rep Janice Arnold-Jones
could well be, the most
honorable candidate in the race.

I challenge Senator Harris to point to even one single
example to substantiate his accusations; to absolve him of accusations of his own "malice and recklessness".

The "honorable" Fred Harris owes Rep Janice Arnold-Jones a public apology for his mud-slinging.

If anyone's honor is actually in question here, it is Harris',
not the "honorable" Janice Arnold-Jones'.

The question of his honor will be resolved in the form and
in the substance of his apology to her.

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