Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The APS AVID boondoggle.

I can report that my previous post, link, has been read in
APS' City Center, and in AVID headquarters in San Diego.

Not one of them apparently, could post a comment that would
controvert the argument that AVID is a boondoggle; the same
funding could have gone directly to students with real needs
and not to good ol' boys who need to travel on the tax payers'

There has been only one comment so far, from someone who
is apparently "in the know";

Follow the money trail....
There's funding from feds for these programs, there's local funding, mainly from CNM for this program, CNM gets state funding for this program, the kids only have to go to APS 1/2 day, but APS gets full payment for them in the per capita.
The program does have some good things for high-achieving students, but I believe the money that comes in legal kickbacks are the main driver for this program.

Any money spent on students who want to succeed and
who are willing to work hard in order to do so, is well spent.

Any money spent trying to prove that point, is wasted.

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