Monday, November 16, 2009

"... announced crowd of 24,344 - many dressed as empty benches ..."

Journal reporter Greg Archuleta, link, seems to not believe
UNM about the number of people who attended the UNM/BYU
football game last Saturday.

Not surprising, nobody believes UNM about anything anymore.

Attendance at Lobo football games is down. Again, not surprising in so far as they have yet to win a game. Though, also at play, Schmidly, Krebs, Gonzales, Locksley Gate.

A number of fans have spoken out in on-line forums, saying that they were boycotting Lobo games in protest over the incompetence and apparent corruption brought to light in the Locksley Gate scandal.

The refusal to begin an immediate independent investigation of Locksley Gate by Richardson good ol' boy, Raymond Sanchez, President of the UNM Board of Regents, brought things to a head.

My dad would say, if there isn't a cover-up here, I'm a
Chinese sea cook

The independent review, the one which UNM President Schmidly assures us would prove beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Schmidly, Krebs, Gonzales, and Locksley, are not part of a cover up, won't be done. The only explanation; "no new information has surfaced" which would compel the review. Never mind that, the "old" information was more than enough to justify the review.

It's a shame, because the independent review would likely have saved taxpayers a whole lot of money.

The review results would likely have provided evidence enough to fire some of these people for cause. Now, if they are going to be tossed off the train in order to restore confidence and get fans back in the bleachers, (real ones, not the ones dressed like empty bleachers), they will get huge buyouts of their contracts, as is the custom when good ol' boys in New Mexico, are finally given the boot.

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Anonymous said...

The way the Athletics department counts attendees at sporting events is to count season ticket holders, even if they are not present. The fact they purchased a ticket to the game "counts" them as present. Not surprising they do it this way - it inflates the numbers to their favor so they can continue to misrepresent reality.