Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why does Ed Adams get a bye?

Ed Adams ran the Department of Municipal Development at a time when taxpayers were getting ripped off big time, link. They got ripped off due to incompetence at the very least, by corruption in all likelihood.

There is no reason at all to suppose there was only this example of corruption and incompetence in the management of development contracts.

On the contrary, it is reasonable to suppose that if it were truly an isolated incident, they would be saying so instead of saying nothing.

Not only does Ed Adams not have to explain, defend, or deny that he knowingly permitted or negligently allowed corruption and incompetence, he doesn't even have to acknowledge its existence.

And now we have to wonder about Berry's competence and character. If he "knows nothing" about the Mountain West Golfscapes scandal, you have to wonder about his competence. How thoroughly did was Adams vetted, if no one knows about a colossal rip off of tax dollars on his watch?

If Berry knows about the Mountain West Golfscapes scandal, and he puts Adams in a position of power and influence anyway, why is Berry's character not is question?

He is either ignoring incompetence and corruption, or
he is enabling them.

He is either compliant or complicit.

photos Mark Bralley

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