Thursday, November 05, 2009

Kill Scarantino, to hell with the message.

Jim Scarantino wrote that Diane Denish has misspent federal funds, link.

In the following sentence, I refer to a mistake Jim Scarantino made in his report. The mistake was mine. I thought, incorrectly, that Scarantino had reported"working, printing, and mailing" Christmas cards. In fact, Scarantino only reported "working" on the cards. That allegation was not refuted. "Printing and mailing" were refuted, but since Scarantino had never brought them up, the defense amounts to nothing but two red herring. Scarantino had it right.)

One specific charge that Scarantino made, has apparently been"refuted".

The one "mistake", was offered up as "a lie", and as proof that
the messenger is a liar, lacking credibility.

Right up front, people are throwing the word liar around a little
too freely. Lying requires an intent to mislead.
Lying requires deliberation; an inadvertent mistake is not a lie.

That said, we need to look at each allegation individually,
to see if Scarantino's report has any more "errors".

It is fair to ask about each of his allegations;
  • is it accurate?
  • what law is violated? and/or
  • what ethic is violated?
And then all Denish has to do is to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

In the end, there will be "x" number of facts which Scarantino reported accurately, and "y" number of facts reported inaccurately. The proportion of x to y, will speak to his "reliability" not his credibility. If there is evidence that his mistakes were deliberate, that evidence would speak to his "credibility". Who he bumps fists with, does not.

Instead of stepping up to all of the allegations and debunking
them, Denish tore Scarantino a new asshole instead.

The overwhelming majority of what Denish offers up in
defense of the allegations, is nothing more than bad mouthing
, and his associates.

Classic kill the messenger.

This is about the message, it is not about the messenger.

Scarantino's credibility does not play. He has laid facts on
the table and each fact stands on its own. Each is true or false
on its own. Who laid the facts on the table, doesn't make any
difference. Neither does the reason he laid them there.

The second mistake I made. I mistakenly believed that
Diane Denish had not been upfront with surrendering all
the records Scarantino had asked for. She did; and I had
it wrong. I offer my apology to Diane Denish for this
regrettable error. I will try very hard not to be this careless
again. I wish I had not written;
Denish did not offer up a candid, forthright and honest
accounting of the spending of the unallocated funds.
Lets look at the books, all of them.

Then we'll see who's right, who's wrong, and who knows,
we might even find someone actually lying.

Here's the link. The interviewer is Peter St Cyr.
The clip is from a New Mexico in Focus taping.

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