Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Any answer except yes, means no.

I sometimes write posts in answer to an objection that has been raised in opposition to some arguement I have advanced. This post is one of those.

I am told, truth telling is not black and white, and further that,
I am mistaken in arguing that any answer except yes, means no.

The truth is not black or white. I agree.

But the decision; whether to surrender to an impartial process
to determine the truth, is. You are either subject to a process
that ou cannot manipulate, or you are not; yes or no,
black or white.

Truth telling is an overt act. You have to say something
in order to tell the truth. While silence may not be lying,
neither is it telling the truth.

One cannot have uttered the truth,
if they have uttered nothing at all.

If the question is;

Will you promise to tell the truth?
refusing to answer the question is a prima facie "not telling the truth". It is self evident, it is clear on its face, it is utterly indisputable.

If you have not told the truth, your promise to tell the truth
is broken by that refusal.

When Diane Denish, or any other politician or public servant
will not promise to tell the truth, they have answered the
question, they will not tell the truth about their intention to
tell the truth.

Any answer except yes, does mean, no.

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