Thursday, November 12, 2009

Who are you going to believe, the Regents or your lyin' eyes?

The emperors have no character.

Epic incompetence and likely corruption are right in front of your
eyes. The incompetence is admitted, the corruption is not, yet.

Yet the Regents say you now know, all you will ever know.
There will be no independent review of their competence and
their character. You will simply have to take their word on both.

The Regents just decided to not tell the truth about the Locksley affair.

It isn't just about whether this particular independent review
will get done, it is about whether any independent review,
of any affair, will be done ever, link.

This review will set a precedent. From this review on,
politicians and public servants will find themselves transparently
accountable to the people.

Which is precisely why the good ol' boys are dead set against it.

They insist, we "trust them" instead.

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