Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Winston Brooks threatened me!

It happened after the Policy and Instruction Committee

During the course of the meeting,
Board member David Robbins had said that there was
an issue with complaints filed by employees against
administrators, which did not see principled resolution,
and had been the impetus for retaliation.

Brooks said that if anyone had any information of any failure
of the administration to follow up on complaints appropriately,
they were to inform him and he would take care if it.

On his way out of the meeting, I asked if I might have a moment
of his time, and he agreed. I took that moment to point out that
my complaints against him and Margret Koshmider, link,
were examples of complaints which were being denied due process.

He told me that my complaints were "nuisance" complaints.

I reminded him that it was not his place to label a complaint
against himself, as a nuisance complaint. The appearance of a
conflict of interest is created by his adjudication of a complaint
that was filed against him.

He said he could do what ever he wanted because he is APS'

He accused me of being unethical for suggesting that he was,
and then walked off in mid conversation.

I reminded him that he cannot accuse me of unethical conduct
and then just walk off.

And then he threatened me. The threat was witnessed by at
least two APS police officers.

He said,

We should just follow Marty Esquivel's suggestion
that the circumstances of your termination be examined
and made public.
I told him that I had already published them on the internet.

More importantly, my circumstances have nothing to do with
the question.

There is nothing that I could ever have done, which in the least
diminishes the legitimacy of the question;
Will you hold yourself honestly accountable to
the Pillars of Character Counts! ?(by an impartial system that is powerful enough to
hold you accountable even against your will)
Because he cannot summon the character and courage to
step up as a role model of the Pillars of Character Counts!
he threatens to humiliate me if I don't stop asking him
the question.

I will tell Winston Brooks the same thing I told
Marty Esquivel when he tried to shut me up with the same
reprehensible and ethically indefensible tactic; link
Bring it on asshole.
This conduct speaks directly to Winston Brooks' character,
and it does not speak well.

No wonder he is afraid of honest accountability to
the Pillars of Character Counts!

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Anonymous said...

That's dark shit. Just when I thought Winston couldn't sink lower...