Saturday, March 21, 2009

APS Policy Committee meeting minutes falsified.

As I previously reported, during the last Policy Committee
meeting, there was an error committed regarding the vote
to change the calendar at Washington Middle School. link
During the debate, Robert Lucero called the question and
a vote was taken.

According to Robert's Rules, when the "question is called",
a vote is taken immediately and without further debate.
If a majority agree to "call the question", then the question is
"called" and another vote is taken on the question itself;
(the motion on the table).

The Committee took only one vote. The question was called,
but not voted upon. The Committee did not approve the motion
to change Washington Middle School's calendar.

Rather that just admit a minor, common, and inadvertent
mistake, the leadership of the APS has chosen to rewrite

Mr. Lucero called the question. Dr. Peercy asked for any
further discussion and none was offered.
Dr. Peercy called for a vote on the original motion.
All unanimously voiced their approval. link
Peercy did not call for a vote on "the original question".
Even if he thought he did, he had no parliamentary
authority to do so. He can't just change Robert's Rules
to suit his interests.

and the leadership of the APS
have turned an innocent mistake into
a deliberate effort to mislead stakeholders.

Is this really the example we want to set for children?
Instead of simply admitting that you made a mistake,
and then rectifying the mistake, you cover it up with a lie.
So much for the example of George Washington and the
cherry tree.

cc Peercy upon posting.

photo Mark Bralley

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