Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Winston Brooks' remark, simply not the truth.

In the Journal this morning, link, we are treated another of
APS Superintendent Winston Brooks' monthly columns.

In which he says;

"By now you've learned a great deal about plans for
Ernie Pyle Middle School and Rio Grande High School.
Both have new leadership, and redesign plans are in the
works through the collaborative efforts of principals,
teachers, students and the community"
Except that at the last board meeting, a number of parents
showed up at the public forum, to complain about the fact
that they were being left out of the process entirely.
They were very, very upset.

And now it is as if they never existed.
They have become "disgruntled former employees".

Winston Brooks himself admitted that they were being left out
intentionally, "until a framework was in place". In other words,
stakeholders were being left out intentionally until the major
decisions had been made.

No one in the community was consulted before the RGHS
principal was removed and replaced by a process devoid of
any community input at all.

working together,
especially in a joint intellectual effort.
to cooperate reasonably.

I would also take issue with Brooks' assertion that
"... you've learned a great deal about plans for EPMS
and for RGHS."
Supt. Brooks, point please, to anything at all,
that we have learned about either of those plans,

except that stakeholders are not yet folded into them.

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Anonymous said...

And to my knowledge, he has never been on the campus of either of these schools! What a liar!