Sunday, March 15, 2009

Open letter to "the Journal" with regard to the next Policy Committee Meeting.

This post will be sent to Journal education reporter,
Andrea Schoellkopf,
not because I believe that the decision
about whether or not stakeholders will be kept in the dark,
is hers, but because I believe she will forward the letter to
the person who's decision it actually is.

The APS Board of Education, Policy Committee,
will meet at 7:30 on the morning on Tuesday, March 24.
(time and date, subject to change).

They will meet to decide whether to restore the rolemodeling
clause to their own standards of conduct.

In no case shall the standard of conduct for adults,
be lower than the standard of conduct for students.

If they restore the clause, the leadership of the APS will be
honestly accountable to a nationally recognized, accepted, and
respected code of ethical conduct.

If they do not restore the clause, they will remain virtually
unaccountable to any standard of conduct at all, even the law.

This is a fork in the road for the entire APS.
The stakes could not be higher.

Stakeholders have a right to participate meaningfully in this decision.

The Journal has an obligation to ensure that their readers are
not only aware of the meeting, but aware in time to meaningfully
affect the outcome.

Reporting on the decision after it is made, will be too late.

The bottom line; will the Journal meet its obligation to fully
inform stakeholders, or will it bow to the interests of the
leadership of the APS; one of their major advertisers?

cc Schoellkopf upon posting. As of Tuesday morning,
still no response from Schoellkopf or the Journal.

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