Monday, March 16, 2009

Marty Chavez' personal, professional, and political ethics.

If anyone else wants to write about
Marty Chavez' personal ethics,
please do; as for myself,
I am concerned with his political
and professional ethics;
what he does, and how he does it,
for the few hours a day
that I am compelled to trust him
with control over my power
and over my resources.

It is important to me, that during the hours that he works
in the role of public service, he hold himself accountable
to a higher standard of conduct than the law.

"Supposed" accountability to the law, did not prevent a single
one of the scandals to which we are treated, and will continue
to be treated, on a daily basis.

A lot of time can be wasted debating the meaning of the word
"ethical". We can avoid that debate by simply saying;

honest accountability to meaningful standards
of conduct and competence.

Some will want to debate the semantics of "meaningful
standards" and of "honest accountability".
I would invite them to please stand out of the way,
while the people debate and decide upon the terms of
public in-servitude; including the meanings of
"meaningful standards", and of "honest accountability".

Can I define those terms? Of course I can.
Is it my responsibility? No.

The point is that there are people who can, and
who will do it very well.

But I digress.

There is reason to believe that Marty Chavez has some
issues with political and professional ethics.

Aside from the stink that surrounds all politicians,
(politicians are ranked nearly dead last in any list of
professions arranged according to "trustworthiness")
Marty Chavez has a stink all his own. link

He has a chance to blow the stink away; all of it.

The "Founding Father of Character Counts!; "Q""
has an opportunity to take a stand on the issue of ethics.

If he takes a stand,
it is proof positive that he has the character and the courage
to take a stand on ethics. There is no equivalent gesture.
It is time to walk his talk.

If he ignores the opportunity, the obligation actually,
it can only mean that he is afraid of the record and of "ethics".

In a week, the leadership of the APS will decide whether
they will hold themselves honestly accountable to standards
of conduct and competence, higher than the law.

They will decide whether they will hold themselves honestly
accountable to a nationally recognized, accepted, and respected
code of ethical conduct.

Since the higher standard of conduct that is on the table;
the Pillars of Character Counts!; Chavez'
is his "founding child", there is no good and ethical reason
that he will not stand up in their defense.

This is a test of political and professional character and courage.

It is a test for every candidate for mayor.
Every one of them had better have a really good reason
to not take a side on this issue.

The ethical development of 89,000 of this community's
sons and daughters, their future constituents,
depends on the outcome.

But it is a test especially for anyone who has ever
allowed himself to be called a "founding father" of, and
a role model of Character Counts!

photo Mark Bralley

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