Tuesday, March 31, 2009

If teachers only knew.

When, if, the leadership of the APS finds itself honestly
accountable to the Student Standards of Conduct, there
will be a dramatic change in the way teachers, and other APS
employees will be treated.

For once, they will be entitled to know the truth,
the whole truth, about district resources and their allocation.

For once, they will be entitled to participate meaningfully
in decisions that affect their interests; they will have a seat
at the table where decisions are made.

For once, they will have a venue where they can file legitimate
complaints against administrators, see a principled resolution
of their complaint, and be free of fear of retribution and
retaliation for making their complaint.

For once, the administrators who make or break the effort
to educate children will be honestly accountable for their
conduct and competence as administrators.

For once, administrators will have to carry their share of the
burden of enforcing school discipline policies, and of dealing
with chronically disruptive students.

If only teachers knew that the issue is on the table.

If only the public knew that the issue is on the table.

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