Monday, March 02, 2009

It's time for the UNM faculty to "cool off"

That is if Journal editors, link
and a "distinguished" professor have it right.

In my experience,
it is the party whose ass is getting kicked
that is most in need of a "cooling off" period.

Is the faculty so out of control that they need to cool off?

Have they done something untoward?

Now, when the good ol' boys are back on their heels,
is the time to push them over. Why let them regroup?

Is it to be "fair"?

What is fair about the current treatment of the institution
by oligarchs without restraint?

The worst possible thing that could happen
for any real reform at the University of New Mexico
is for things to stay the same.

Which is exactly what they will,
if UNM faculty members take the advice of newspaper editors
and a "distinguished" colleague.

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