Saturday, March 21, 2009

Policy Committee Meeting agenda set.

APS has posted the agenda for the Policy Committee meeting.

Despite several requests to move it to the evening when
stakeholders might be able to attend, it will be conducted
at 7:30 am to minimize public participation.

The meat of the meeting; whether to restore the Role Modeling
clause, has been placed at the end of an extraordinarily long
agenda. link

At the last Policy Committee meeting, the restoration of the
Role Modeling clause was the only item for the next agenda.
Therefore one would expect that it would be the first item on
the agenda, in the absence of a compelling reason to move it
to the bottom.

Note also that, the Role Modeling clause issue is listed
as discussion only, and not discussion/action, thereby
preventing any action on the motion, and forestalling an
actual vote on the issue for at least another two weeks.

(By good ol' boy logic, any day you don't lose, you win.)

Policy Committee Chair David Peercy

is solely responsible for the agenda,
and for this effort to avert discussion of
the restoration of the Role Modeling
clause to the Employee Standards of Conduct.

cc Peercy upon posting.

photo Mark Bralley

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