Sunday, March 15, 2009

Super salaries at the UNM

Martin Salazar reports in the Journal, link, that

"The University of New Mexico based a $91,500 pay
raise for its athletics vice president on its own market
survey that found he was significantly underpaid.

However, a separate study found that
Paul Krebs already made more than other athletic
directors at public universities in the Mountain West
before the raise and now makes $98,000
a year more than the average."
Krebs makes almost a half a million dollars a year.
The AD at the Air Force Academy makes $150K.

So what is Krebs really worth?

Is Krebs worth three times as much as the AFA AD?
Is he worth ten times as much as the average faculty member?
Is he worth for times as much as the average state Governors are paid?
Is he worth three times as much as the President of the United States?

Good ol' boy salaries, seem always to be based on other
good ol' boy salaries.

What other justification have you ever heard for a good ol' boy
salary in New Mexico, except for a comparison to the salaries
of good ol' boys in "comparable" situations?

The practice serves no purpose except to perpetuate an
endless upward spiral of salaries.

Surely there are people who can assign salaries to positions,
based on rather hard facts.

If the idea of a University were a new one, and
salary calculations were starting from scratch,
is this where we would begin?


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