Monday, March 09, 2009

Can the APS Meyners Audit be trusted?

According to blogger Heath Haussamen, link
Meyners auditors did not blow the whistle on significant
irregularities in its audits of the housing authority.

Meyners apparently excusing their failure to point out
some pretty egregious irregularities, by saying,
it wasn't a "forensic" audit.

"But Meyners attorney Sam Bregman defended
the firm’s performance, saying the financial audits
conducted by Meyners weren’t intended to serve as
much more rigorous inquiries known as forensic audits."

it is impossible to get an answer to the question;
Was there criminal misconduct uncovered by
the Meyners Audit of the APS?
Or was the possibility of criminal misconduct in an environment
  • lacking sound financial polices and procedures, and
  • lacking accountability to the polices that there were, and
  • lacking records complete and accurate enough to send people to jail
not audited at all?

Was criminal misconduct was ignored because
the APS administrators whose criminal misconduct
would have been exposed by the audit,
just didn't commission a "forensic" audit?

Is it really that easy for good ol' boys to steal or lose millions
and then cover their asses?

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