Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Rick Homans promises to tell the truth.

Blogger Heath Haussamen, link, reports the following;

Senator Tim Jennings right, had asked the would be head of
Taxation and Revenue; Rick Homans, left
if he could be counted upon to "tell the truth".

Homans responded with a

"... pledge to provide truthful information to lawmakers
at all times.

“You have my truest commitment and pledge
to deal with you in an utmost and forthright manner,”
he said.

What does that mean? exactly.

Does it mean the he will answer any legitimate question,
candidly, forthrightly and honestly?

And not just to Legislators, but to the people as well?

That would be a pretty remarkable development
in a state government with an earned reputation for its
culture of corruption.


Is he willing to prove it?

Would he be inclined at some point to stand up and
put his hand on a bible and say;
I promise to the tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth
(so help me God).
That also would be a pretty remarkable thing
for a New Mexico politician to do.

It would, in fact, be a first.

(Except for; they might have had to say it once before,
at the very beginning of a trial for a DUI, or some such.)

photo Mark Bralley

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