Saturday, March 14, 2009

If you pass a law, it will be ignored.

I was chatting with a prominent NM Senator.

(I will not name him for two reasons; the first is that there was no reason
for him to think that he was on the record during our chat, and because,
as far as I can tell, it could just as easily be attributed to any legislator
in Santa Fe.)

He said, if the Conference Committee Meetings were
opened to the public by law, secret meetings would be held
off campus to escape the requirements of the law.

He defended his position by saying it was "human nature".

Not acceptable.

Bad enough to admit that it is human nature for legislators
to ignore the law, to break the law.
But worse, by far, to admit that intention right up front,
shamelessly, and without fear of any consequences at all.
NM Senator Stuart Ingle admitted the very same thing,
on the record, according to an article in the Journal. link

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