Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Is the University run by a bloated oligarchy?

It's a fair question.

Tax payers are entitled to some bang for their buck.
Is the University a lean, mean fighting machine that squeezes
every last penny out of every tax dollar?

Or is it run by a bunch of good ol' boys who give each other
high paying jobs; for which they are highly unqualified?

How would you know?

Right now,
the good ol' boys expect you to take their word for it.

Why not pay an independent auditor to come in and ferret out
the jobs that needn't be, the jobs done poorly, and the jobs
not done at all?

Except that a bunch of corrupt and incompetent public servants
will lose their cushy government jobs.

100% accountability, by means of impartial annual audits, is
fatal to public corruption and incompetence
100% of the time.

Or, at least it would be,
if the good ol' boys would let us have them.

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