Monday, March 30, 2009

Request for public records.

To: Custodian of Public Records, Albuquerque Public Schools

From: Charles MacQuigg,

This constitutes a request for public records.

I request the opportunity to inspect and or copy all
public records that are related to the two whistleblower
complaints that I filed with APS' SilentWhistle in
December of last year.

The request includes, but is not limited to,
1. all communications between APS and SilentWhistle,
2. all communication between APS and myself regarding the complaints,
3. all communications between District Administrators regarding the complaints,
the filing of the complaints, the handling of the complaints and the resolution of the complaints.
4. all communications about me or about the complaints, that have taken place since the complaints were filed;
5. all communications
regarding any Audit Committee review and approval of the complaints.

Please let me know if this request is in any way lacking.

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