Sunday, March 15, 2009

APS' Silentwhistle no longer accepts complaints of "unethical" conduct.

December last, the leadership of the APS promised stakeholders
that they would respond to allegations of unethical conduct;

SilentWhistle is the new APS Fraud,
Waste and Abuse Hotline that allows
individuals to communicate their
knowledge of any possible inappropriate,
unethical or illegal activities within the
district. link to APS Perspective, December, 2008.

They have changed their minds.

In the March, APS Perspective link,
the promise has been withdrawn;
To anonymously report fraud, waste, abuse, unsafe
work environment, embezzlement, discrimination,
harassment or other concerns, call:
1-877-873-8416 or go to:
The December link no longer leads to incontrovertible evidence.

Anyone who thinks
the word "unethical" disappeared accidentally,
is simply not paying attention.

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Anonymous said...

March 2009 perspective link:
As you had indicated, ethical category is eliminated. They also boast that all but 4 complaints have been addressed and resolved.