Monday, March 16, 2009

Senators, please step up to the podium

Thanks to state Senator John Sapien,
video coverage of the floor of the
NM State Senate, will consist of
single camera coverage.

The camera is mounted behind and
above the Senate floor. Some
Senators will never be in view of
the camera. Nearly every Senator
will be facing away from the
camera, and their constituents,
when they speak.

If this is the best that our servants can do for us,
the least we can do, is to insist that they
look us in the eye when they speak.

In the United States Congress, Representatives
move to a podium, in an area called a "well" in order to speak.

If our legislators followed the congressional model;
moving to a specific place to speak, the worries over
being shown "sleeping" would be eliminated.

If these folks aren't going to do the webcasting "right",
the least they could do is show their faces while doing it

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