Thursday, March 12, 2009

Character Counts! APS style.

I asked APS' DeeDee Stroud for a copy of current Character Counts! trainers. She forwarded the request to Carole Smith, APS' Director of Character Counts!

Bad sign; Smith has a long history with me,
of hiding the identity and contact information for those
most likely to stand up against the APS leadership
who have renounced the Pillars of Character Counts!
as their own standard of professional conduct.

A single sheet or two, would have sufficed.

Instead, I am given a spread sheet that takes 43 pages
to print out. Not that there are that many trainers,
but because the spread sheet has 5,000 lines, 4700 of which
are totally empty.

On top of that, they are arranged in the chronological order
of their training; which serves no purpose except to make the
list hard to search.

Role models my aching ass.

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