Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why do the APS administrative standards of conduct, not have a "Role Modeling" Clause?

A "Role Modeling" clause reads;

"In no case shall the standard of conduct for an adult,
be lower than the standard of conduct for students."

The clause points to students' need for role models.

Someone has to show them what honest accountability to
meaningful standards of conduct and competence, looks like.

So why don't the executive and administrative codes of conduct
have a Role Modeling clause?

They used to have one.

It was removed in January, 2005,
deliberately and with forethought.


I was engaged in litigation with APS Modrall in early 2003.

I was getting slapped around like a red headed step child by
Modrall lawyers and legal weaselry.

I argued at the time, APS administrators were accountable
to a code of ethics,
  • by virtue of the fact that they are role models, and
  • by virtue of the Role Modeling clause in their own standards of conduct.

And, I argued, their lawyers were accountable to the same
code of ethics as their employers; they were required to litigate ethically.

They never did of course.

Rather than have anyone else argue this point in court again,
they simply removed the Role Modeling clause from their own
standards of conduct.

Deliberately, with forethought, and unanimously.

Leonard DeLayo
Paula Maes
Robert Lucero
Berna Facio
Gordon Rowe
Mary Lee Martin
Miguel Acosta

Robert Lucero and Paula Maes are still on the school board.

Neither has offered any explanation, or defense for their decision to remove the Role Modeling clause from their own code of conduct.

Now if this explanation for their abdication as role models
seems a little too conspiratorial for you, all you have to do
is to imagine any other explanation at all,
for what they did.

What good and ethical reason is there,
to remove the Role Modeling clause
from one's own code of conduct?

I cannot imagine the reason, and neither
Paula Maes nor Robert Lucero
will offer one to the public record.

In the absence of any other explanation at all;

they removed the Role Modeling clause,
to escape honest accountability to the lowest
standard of conduct of them all;
the law.

photos Mark Bralley

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