Monday, March 16, 2009

There are only two standards of conduct; the law, and any higher standard of conduct at all.

Under the law, one must not lie.

The truth belongs to oligarchs and oligarchies.

Stonewalling is permitted.

"No comment" is an acceptable response to a legitimate
question about public interests.

Under any higher standard of conduct at all,
one must tell the truth.
The truth belongs to stakeholders. All of it.
Except for a very, very small part of it,
that is kept secret according to the spirit of the law.

There are two standards of conduct in the APS;
the student standards of conduct, and
the employee standards of conduct.

One is a higher standard of conduct than the other.

The standard of conduct for 89,000 students in the APS is;
tell the truth.

The standard of conduct for seven board members and one
superintendent is;
don't get caught telling a lie.

At 7:30 am, Tuesday, March 24, 2009, in
the DeLayo Martin Community Room,

the leadership of the APS will decide whether they will be
held accountable for that discrepancy.

At that time, that day, and that place,
they will either raise the standards of conduct
to which they will be held accountable, or they will not.

They will add a Role Modeling clause to their own
standards of conduct, or they will not.

The Role Modeling clause will read;
In no case shall the standard of conduct for an adult, be
lower than the standard of conduct for students.
If they decide to prolong their abdication as role models,
an inconvenient hypocrisy will be manifestly obvious.

The only way they can end the hypocrisy, is to
lower the student standards of conduct.

Which begs a question;

How far are we willing to let them lower those standards?

How far will we allow the leadership of the APS to lower
student standards, in order to find one low enough
to suit their (lack of) character and courage?

Which begs another question;

How far are you willing to allow them
to lower student standards of conduct?
before you stand up and say,
Enough and, no more.

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