Saturday, March 07, 2009

Rio Grande HS parents show up at public forum

Ten RGHS stakeholders (parents and community members)
spoke at the public forum during the school board meeting last Wednesday.

There was a common theme in their comments;

Important decisions are being made that will affect
stakeholders at RGHS, and those stakeholders are
being left out of the decision making process, entirely.

I noticed, when I attended a community meeting in the common area of RGHS, two large banners, high on the wall, reminding students that they are expected to respect the rights of stakeholders to participate in decisions that affect their interests, and they are also expected to model trustworthiness, which requires candid, forthright, and honest communication of the truth to stakeholders.

Denying stakeholders meaningful participation in decisions
that affect their interests, represents a violation of the
standards of conduct that were established for, and
enforced upon students; specifically;
the Pillars of Respect and Trustworthiness, link.

APS Superintendent Winston Brooks spoke to the meeting by means of a phone hook up.

He reassured stakeholders that there was no intention of leaving them out of the decision making process. But, it was necessary to make a number of critically important decisions, "a framework", before they become part of the process.

He said that to involve them at this point,
would make it seem like the district started the restructuring
of RGHS with no real plan.

... gee, ya think?

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Anonymous said...

This reflects neo-nazi new principal Linda Torres' comments during ICU meetings recently. She says something like this: "Well, we ould involve the parents but it would slow up the process...".
Winston and torres are in it together deep. Linda has had her hand in the cookie jar for a long time and Winston trusted her on a whim.
The big fat COWARD Brooks won't even show up at RGHS meetings (3 times now he has dodged it), so he sends Eddie Soto (whom most people genuinely like) to take the criticism and face the public.
By the way... where is big-bucks Armenta? Where's her spin? Isn't this her job?
I am sure Eddie Soto was not part of the decision process to hire Torres, but now he has to take the problems for it?
I hope RGHS parents run Torres out, then sends Brooks packing after her!