Monday, March 09, 2009

Let us stop beating around the bush

The folks who we must trust with control over
our power and our resources,
refuse to show us what they are doing with it.
They refuse to turn on the lights.
They refuse to tell us the truth.

Q. How can this be?

A. Because it is impossible to get 10,000 people,
carrying torches and pitchforks,
to stand around on the steps of the Roundhouse
until they do.

Somebody should do something.

The trouble is,
when most people say, somebody should do something,
what they really mean is, somebody else, should do something.
And that's why nothing ever gets done.

I will suggest to my readers,
that they have an opportunity and a responsibility,
to make their way to the steps of the Roundhouse
on the last Saturday before the session ends.

Bring a sign.
Stand up for what you believe in for a few hours.

I will be standing up for;

Transparent accountability to meaningful standards
of conduct and competence.

For whatever it's worth,
I throw down a gauntlet before the NM blogosphere;

stop the rape of your state.

continue to report upon it, ... for ever.

The political bloggers in New Mexico,
if they chose to,

could get 10,000 people to do something together,

to take back control over power and resources
that are fundamentally their own.

Jim Villanucci could probably do it all by himself.

Q. Why won't they?

A. Beats the hell out of me.

The only thing for certain is;
there are only a few days left to pick a side.

If you have to get arrested for something,
what better thing to get arrested for, than
inciting this riot in particular?

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