Thursday, May 31, 2007

any person or group of people who write an agenda

write policy in so doing.

When the executive committee of the board of education decided not to place; honest accountability to a meaningful standard of conduct for the leadership of the APS, on a board agenda; they in fact made a policy decision.

As a result, APS has no policy that holds the leadership of the APS honestly accountable to any meaningful standard of conduct. (If there were; it would be self evident. It isn't)

The requirements of the OMA were evaded by slithering through a legal loophole; and against the public interest.

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Anonymous said...

try to find a policy, or written procedures, or anything in any dept. nothing exists officially anywhere. they are guidelines and suggestions. this lets anyone free of any responsibility for a course of action, no one ever has to say no, or admit to a incorrect choice if all choice are maybes.