Sunday, May 20, 2007

the grievance hearing

There will be a grievance hearing as a result of administrative interference in the assignment of grades.

The subjects of the hearing are; public policies and public servants within the scope of their public service.

The hearings will be closed to the public;
against public interests.

There will be no incontrovertible record of the proceeding. The leadership of the APS will not allow participants in grievance hearings to tape record the hearing. The public record of the meeting will be created by an APS administrator's hand written notes.


I filed a grievance against this practice. I reasoned that my contract, which said that my rights as an American citizen remained intact, guaranteed my right to take personal notes by whatever means I chose; even a digital recorder.
The leadership of the APS denied the grievance without a hearing; in blatant violation of the negotiated agreement between the district and teachers.
The leadership of the union rolled over. The negotiated agreement does not protect teachers from a denial of their grievance without a hearing, and it does not enable teachers to record meetings in which they are a stakeholder participant.

There is only one reason to prohibit public knowledge of public records.

Those who oppose the exposure of the public record
do so because they are damned by it.

Beth Everitt has had evidence of felony criminal misconduct in her possession for months.

She refuses to surrender that evidence to the Bernalillo County District Attorney.

She refuses to surrender that evidence to public scrutiny.

It is evidence of public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the APS Police Department.

By logical extension, it is evidence of public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the entire administration of the APS.

Beth Everitt will not surrender the public record because

she is damned by it.

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Anonymous said...

Twenty years ago when I moved to this state and decided to work for APS I joined the Union. My father called it a joke, he was totally appalled by the lack of leadership then.
When I asked Ellen, a couple of years ago when the 3A teachers were again getting no increase, where was the union leadership, why no job action, work to the contract, meeting with the board, she said, "I'm not going to do that, teacher's are too passive". I'm sure glad Martin Luther King didn't feel that way.
So, I quit this do nothing union, got more home owner's insurance with the dues I was saving, and continue to be appalled by both the administration of APS, and The Union. You are right when you say they roll over. They have done so for years and years. I also want to thank you for presenting the facts so logically and hope more people find and use this forum until every one sees the light. May the force be with you.