Thursday, May 31, 2007

gradegate policy change

As a result of gradegate, Beth Everitt submitted a change for the student behavior handbook related to grade changing, for board approval. I was not able to get a copy so I can't quote it.

Marty Esquivel added some language to the proposed change.

His change provided that; the inability to prove that the District had adequately engaged parents; would not be acceptable as the sole reason for changing a grade.

The board approved his amendment unanimously.

Since Everitt has never offered any excuse for changing the grade except for the "failure" to notify parents; the grade change clearly would not be allowed according to current board policy as reflected in the Student Behavior Handbook.

Which begs the question; how much money will Beth Everitt spend fighting accountability in arbitration, for a grade change that the board is unanimously agreed, is unjustifiable?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

why is the school board micro managing a student's grade?
why is the school board micro managing everything in APS?
why is there a superintentant?
why does the APS top management not support the school principles
as the ultimate decider for their students.