Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Justice delayed is justice denied - Gladstone

More than two weeks ago, gradegate erupted and a grievance was filed with the APS by the teachers union.

APS is yet to respond to the grievance.

Because there is no justification for the grade change except administrative arrogance; their position is indefensible. Unless you believe that the combined weight of APS and Modral cannot in the span of two weeks, gather the truth together; then APS and Modral are stonewalling the grievance.

Stonewalling, the only defense of an indefensible position, is remarkably effective. If the leadership of the APS can drag the process out for a long enough time; they will prevail. Time works in the favor of the accused; always. That's why APS and Modral always draw things out for as long as they can.

Having waited until school was dismissed for the summer, has made it exponentially more difficult to garner support in the fight against the corruption and incompetence manifest in the grade change.

A stonewall cannot be taken down by argument; no matter how logical, and no matter how compelling; because no argument is permitted.

The only defense against a stonewall is a large enough number of people storming the wall together. If a few hundred people showed up a board meeting to protest the injustice; perhaps the wall could be breached.

It is unlikely that that will ever happen though, because the leadership of the APS can count on the aid and abet of the Journal and Trib in covering up the delay, and drawing attention away from the issue.

A sterling example for students and staff alike.

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