Thursday, May 31, 2007

the board needs a Parliamentarian

It was noted previously in a board meeting; that if the board is going to take seriously its dedication to Robert's Rules of Order; they needed a Parliamentarian.

The need was demonstrated at a policy committee meeting this morning.

After lengthy discussion; Gordon Rowe called the question. Parliamentary lingo for, we've talked enough; let's vote.

And then the board immediately voted on the issue.

They should first have voted on calling the question. In so far as there was no harm; it could be argued there was no foul.

But in any case, the board obviously needs a parliamentarian.

It was suggested that a board member serve as parliamentarian.

I would object on two grounds; one; there really is no Cliff's Notes for Parliamentary Procedure. Learning them would require some significant dedication of time and effort.

Secondly; there is a conflict of interest because the parliamentarian would also be a subject of a complaint regarding the violation of public procedure.

They should train or hire a real parliamentarian.

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