Saturday, May 19, 2007

APS Standards of Conduct

The standards themselves, for administrators and board members, are hard to find, equivocal, and "legally" meaningless; deliberately. In contrast, the standards for students are written very clearly in the Student Behavior Handbook.

If you do a "readability" analysis on the handbook, you will find that it is written to be read by a college student, prelaw. We will print up about 100,000 of them in many languages; except one that students and/or their parents can read and understand. One will be handed to each student who will then do with it, exactly what you would expect a kid to do with a handout s/he doesn't care about and can't read anyway.

If they do read it, they will find that; the student standard of conduct requires them to model and promote The Pillars of Character Counts. Students are required to hold themselves accountable to a widely recognized, accepted and respected code of ethical conduct.

They are expected to emulate the example set by
George Washington.

By their own deliberate choice; the leadership of the APS cannot be held accountable to that same higher standard of conduct. To their ever lasting shame; they have excepted themselves from accountability to the standard of conduct to which they hold students accountable.

Right now; they are excepting themselves from the law. The law requires that they surrender the public records surrounding investigations of APS' criminial misuse of BCSO computers; and they will not. Elizabeth Everitt will not. Darren White will not.

They have evidence of felony criminal misconduct and neither will surrender it to the Bernalillo County District Attorney.

"The law" allows a lot of game playing;
it allows legal weaselry.

It will be along time before Beth Everitt and Darren White are actually held accountable under the law for refusing to surrender public records. Rigo Chavez is still stonewalling the NMAGO; "legally".

Ethical accountability however is immediate. And both are damned by their immediate ethical misconduct. Both are damned by the public record as it is being laid down.

But how does one hold a public school superintendant and a county sheriff accountable to a code of the ethics...

...when neither can be held accountable, even to the law?

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