Tuesday, May 29, 2007

editorial indifference transcends mere hypocrisy

The editors of both papers have touched repeatedly on the lack of accountability in the leadership of the APS. It has always been just a touch though; more of a "pretty please, if it's not too much trouble" mention of a problem that likely has a more grave and far reaching impact than any problem facing Albuquerqueans.

Perhaps I am wrong in my belief that editorials are written to illuminate and inspire readers to some action. I cannot imagine an acceptable rationale for their decision to hide in their foxhole while others get beaten up for their efforts to address a serious problem with a sensible and credible solution.

No one; not even those who will steadfastly resist a cleansing audit of the leadership of the APS; has argued, or even suggested that an impartial audit is not exactly what the doctor ordered for a bureaucracy that is riddled with incompetent and corrupt people and practices.

Even if they believed that there are no corrupt or incompetent administrators, an audit is the solution for the perception that there are. A clean audit would go far to restore a statewide, earned reputation for incompetence and dodging accountability.

There is no ethical justification for their failure to step up to the plate on the issue of addressing accountability issues in an organization that administers almost a billion taxdollars a year.

How can they repeatedly challenge public servants to stand up and be counted on the issue of ethics in public service; and then utterly abandon the two that do?

In the absence of some plausible explanation; we are lead to only one conclusion; collusion; a secret agreement for a fraudulent, illegal, or deceitful purpose.

If an editor, or anyone else, can offer an alternate explanation for the editors decision to leave Marty Esquivel and Gordon Rowe out on a limb on the issue of a cleansing audit of the leadership of the APS; they are welcome to post same as a comment on this post.

Beyond welcome; I would suggest that they have some real obligation to do so.

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