Thursday, May 17, 2007

teachers union files grievance

According to the union president, the grievance process will take some time; it is a slow process.

It is a slow process because if an administrator or board member is the subject of a complaint; the district will take every advantage of the process that they can; loopholes, technicalities, and legal weaselry to enjoy every possible delay.

The longer they can draw out a process;
the more likely it is, they will dodge accountability
for whatever was their misconduct or incompetence.

It is simple as that.

Less simple to ascertain is why that is OK with
the president of the teachers union.

Teachers are entitled to a process by which they can complain about administrative misconduct and incompetence. They have a right to an expedient and timely process beyond the undue influence of the accused. They have a right to expect justice to prevail even against the interests of the leadership of the APS.

Teachers have no such process; no such guarantee; because the leadership of the APS owns the complaint process.

Teachers have only the certainty that the entire process
required to actually win a grievance against the interests
of the leadership of the APS, will take a very long time
and cost a whole bunch of money.

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