Wednesday, May 23, 2007

the cost of a fullscale (forensic) audit of the administration of the APS

pales in comparison to the cost of not doing the audit.

Losses from corruption and incompetence are enormous.

As but one example; consider the recent corruption scandal in the APS, M&O division. The losses were calculated to be around $150K; but reliable estimates put the figure at closer to $500K.

In any event, chalk up $150K to corruption alone.

A year and a half later, we learned that the loss to taxpayers had not been reimbursed by the district's insuror; because an APS administrator had missed a filing deadline.

Chalk up another $150K to incompetence alone.

Surely an audit can be had for less that $300K?

The same folks that brought you the M&O corruption and incompetence losses; are all still there.

No heads rolled. They never do.

That's the problem.

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Anonymous said...

and as former M&O people move to other depts so do their methods of operation. all the depts should be audited. all vendors examined. but it will not happen, Follow the money.