Friday, May 18, 2007

Everitt on KRQE

Beth Everitt was interviewed by Mike Powers on KRQE.

I have some problems with the questions that Mr. Powers did not ask.

I have some problems with the questions that Beth Everitt will not answer.

Why, as the senior administrative rolemodel for 89,000 students, are you not acccountable to the student standard of conduct?

Why, as the steward of a half a billion tax dollars a year, will you not surrender an honest accounting of the administration of public resources in the renovation of the uptown administrative complex?

Why, as the senior public servant in the APS, will you not surrender the public records of public corruption and criminal conspiracy in the administration of the APS Police Department?

Why, as the senior administrative public servant, will you not surrender evidence of felony criminal misconduct to the Bernalillo County District Attorney?

Why will you not surrender an honest accounting of the use of public resources by the Modral law firm?

Why will you not submit your administration to an impartial administrative accountability audit?

Why are APS administrators and board members excepted from honest accountability to any meaningful standard of conduct?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. But I can not get over the f'd up comment 'doctor' Everitt made about "notifiy parents of failing students so they can be good parents". Her comment is lame and a sorry excuse for another screw up by APS. According to Beth Everitt, parents of kids with a failing grade are bad parents. It's obvious that the BAD parents are the ones that used their political position to get their kid a passing grade! What are they teaching their kid? Oh, they are teaching him to be a future politian. I assume that Beth Everitt feels these two are model parents! How can Beth show her face in public?