Friday, May 18, 2007

the C Y A in the APS must stop.

Covering Your Ass comes with a cost. If the C Y A is systemic; if it is institutional, the costs are enormous. There are enormous human costs.

The urge to C Y A is a part of human nature. If anyone believes that the first thought that ran through George Washington's head was to hold himself accountable for chopping down a cherry tree; that person misunderstands human nature.

It is the extraordinary humans who overcome their nature by their will and through self sacrifice.

The complaint that an administrator improperly changed a grade will be heard first by another APS administrator. The appeal of the decision, will be heard by another APS administrator. The appeal of that decision will be opposed by lawyers from the largest law firm in the state; and who enjoy virtually unlimited access to the public trough. Their opposition to the appeal will continue "until ordered otherwise by a court of competent jurisdiction and only after filing every possible appeal."

This administrator's ass is covered;
systemically and institutionally.

and against the public interests.

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