Thursday, May 17, 2007

as a member of the privileged class

County Commissioner Teresa Cordova is entitled to a quarter of a page above the fold; to accuse a principal and a teacher of being liars.

Commissioner Cordova offers no evidence to substantiate her allegation.

Quite the opposite; she has threatened with lawsuits any board member, administrator, or teacher who "discusses details".

What if "discussing details" really means; "telling the truth"?

Please remember; one of the first things Tom Savage did, when the lid blew off the APS Police Department corruption; was to tell APS employees to keep their mouths shut.

Remember also that the leadership of the APS has been hiding the results of the investigation of Gil Lovato's misconduct as a public servant; for five months.

Remember that the leadership of the APS still intends to investigate corruption in its own police department; with cooperation from BCS Darren White and APD's Ray Schultz.

Neither Darren White nor Ray Schultz will respond to the question of whether or not their computers were used criminally, by the leadership of the APS.

APS, APD, and the BCSO are prepared to guide the Council of Great City Schools through an audit of their own misconduct. And then they will prepare the report to the public. No public records of the investigation, audit, review will be surrendered to the public according to the IPRA. Public resources will be spent obstructing the law.

Last but not least; the Journal will keep all of this secret. As they have through at least the last three elections.

I wince when I hear people refer the Albuquerque Journal as the Albuquerque Urinal, and as fishwrap.

It speaks badly for our community that this
is state of the art journalism
here in River City.

Journal, Urinal, fishwrap?

if the shoe fits...

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