Friday, May 25, 2007

Everitt, Maes, and Modral will not defend

their position that the public records of corruption and criminal conspiracy, are exempt from the NMIPRA. They won't, because in the court of public opinion; their position is indefensible.

Just like Brer Rabbit wanted to take the fight to the briar patch; APS and Modral want to take the fight to District Court;

where their exploitation of legal loopholes and technicalities; where their legal weaselry will except them from accountability even to the law.

Everitt can prove this allegation false; simply by publicly defending her position that all of the evidence of corruption and incompetence is excepted from the law, by the law, and not by legal weaselry.

She can defend, on the record, her refusal to surrender evidence of public corruption and criminal conspiracy, to the District Attorney and let her decide whether or not to file criminal charges against senior APS administrators and BCSO employees.

don't hold your breath.

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