Wednesday, May 30, 2007

where is the line between the board and the administration?

The line is important. If the board strays too deeply into the administration of the District; they are micromanaging.

If they stray too far in the other direction; they are betraying the trust of those who elected them to hold the Superintendent accountable for her administration of the public trust and treasure.

While there are those who complain of micromanagement, the evidence seems to support the opposite.

The board has a responsibility to intervene when the Superintendent violates the law; even if the violation is "legally" defensible.

For example;

  • The Supt. is defying the spirit of the law on the inspection of public records. She is hiding public records of public corruption in the APS Police Dept. They are being hidden only to protect Tom Savage and Elizabeth Everitt from the consequences of their failure to adequately oversee subordinate administrators.
  • The supt. is hiding evidence of criminal misconduct from the Bernalillo County District Attorney.
  • The Supt. is hiding evidence of mis, mal, and non-feasance in the renovation of the Uptown Administrative Complex.
  • The Supt. has excepted herself from accountability to the student standard of conduct; abdicating her obligations and responsibilities as the senior administrative role model for 89,000 students and 8,000 employees.
The evidence;

the board has not met its responsibility to the community.

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